POWERLESS COOKINGtm is a portal to LEARNING MODULES on a wide variety of topics. Members are able to learn and become proficient in life-style skills…some skills that are becoming lost arts, as well as learning to do tasks that are interesting, will save you money, and will enable you to live healthier lives.
Your host, CEE DUB, imparts knowledge that enables self-reliance. But instead of needing to enroll and travel to classes all over the country to learn these skills, the LEARNING MODULES are convenient and easy. You learn when it is convenient for you!!

About Cee Dub

Cee Dub

Cee Dub’s love affair with Dutch ovens, cast iron skillets, and camp cookin’ dates to the early 1950’s and family camping trips along mountain streams in SE Idaho. Cee Dub perfected his Dutch oven cooking skills in a thirty-plus year career doing wildlife research and as a game warden patrolling Idaho’s back country.
Being the host of the first ever Dutch oven TV cooking show launched Cee Dub onto the national scene in 1999. That same year, Cee Dub and his wife, Penny, started their website, www.ceedubs.com , with just four products: his first cookbook, a VHS “how-to” video, the Mair ™ Dutch oven lid lifter, and a Dutch oven firepan.

Fifteen years and five cookbooks later, Cee Dub’s inventory has grown to over 200 products providing Dutch oven and outdoor cooks a wide array of quality cooking equipment. And…Cee Dub continues to make appearances at shows and teach Dutch oven and other cooking skills to folks around the country.