Growing food for ones own dinner table need not mean a large garden plot or a backyard full of raised beds. With a few pepper and tomato plants in pots on your porch, patio, or drive way will provide you tasty nutritious veggies just steps from your door. Though we have our primary garden spot at a friends place a few miles away I like to have a few veggie plants here at the house. Nothing beats picking fresh tomatoes with salt shaker in hand on ones way to the mail box forty feet down the side walk. For the last several years we’ve lined one side of our drive way each spring with a few pots which one of our neighbors nicknamed ‘Cee Dub’s Pot Farm!

Our drive way pot farm includes the following from Left to Right: One Yellow Banana Pepper, two Jalapeno Peppers, four tomato plants including a Cherry Tomato, two Roma Tomatoes, one heirloom variety and an egg plant. Having these few plants close at hands eliminates any worry about having to run to the store for a tomato or pepper to make a dinner salad. Plus, on one more than one occasion a neighbor has knocked on our door late in the afternoon asking to “borrow a tomato”. Of course we enjoy sharing the bounty.

But…contrary to what some folks might think, a substantial amount of produce can result from having a few veggies planted in flower pots around ones home. The second photo illustrates the first harvest of our little ‘pot farm’. Of course we’ll get more as the summer goes along.