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This 10″ Hard Anodized Cast Aluminum Dutch oven weighs two-thirds less than the equivalent size cast iron Dutch oven. The hard anodized finsh is not a coating like other non-stick finishes. It is actually bonded to the aluminum and will not wear off over time. The surface is actually harder than stainless. Aluminum Dutch ovens do not need to be seasoned or cured as does cast iron Dutch ovens due to different molecular structure of the two different metals. It will not rust or corrode making it the perfect Dutch oven to take to the beach or seaside and is light enough for back packing. This Dutch oven does not have the integral legs all other Dutch ovens do. In lieu of legs use a Dutch oven trivet to set it on to place charcoal briquets underneath. The 10″ HA Dutch oven will nest inside a 12″ HA Dutch oven making a great pack set of Dutch ovensSince the hard anodization is totally inert you can cook high acid foods such as chili or spaghetti and not worry about leaching aluminum into the food. The cast aluminum transfers heat quickly and evenly.

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