LARGE FIREPAN – 18″ x 30″ x 4″


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Our large firepans conform to US Forest Service Regulations. Manufactured for white water boaters running rivers with restrictions on using traditional rock fire rings they provide a safe, stable, and portable cooking platform. Use them for Dutch oven cooking, grill, or as a fire pit. The grill has two folding extensions to hold your barbeque tools. Compact and easy to set up they go anywhere. Their great portability makes them great for back yard cooking, patio cooking, tail gate parties or beach parties. Their 14″ height saves a lot of bending over. With the hinged lid orient them properly and the lid acts as a wind break. When your through cooking and it’s time to pack up, lift it off the legs and set it on a non flammable surface and just closes the lid to smother the charcoal and don’t worry about a separate fireproof container to store ash and embers. The large fire pan will accomodate all Dutch ovens up to 16″ in diameter or two 14″ Dutch ovens side by side. The small fire pan will accomodate Dutch ovens up to 14″ in diameter or two 12″ Dutch ovens side by side.They are easy to assemble, (no tools required), portable and easy to store. (Made in Idaho)

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