Do you know any folks with no desire to eat healthier, spend less money on meals, and have no thoughts of becoming a bit more self-reliant? If you do know such individuals, it would be a waste of time and electrons to forward this link on to them. Why…because as an old cowboy buddy of mine used to say, “It’s like trying to convince a fence post of anything”!

But…an opportunity awaits anyone who “turns the key” or in this digital age “clicks on the link”.

Click the link and you open a door onto the ground floor of a vast storehouse of digital knowledge. Utilizing their combined experiences growing up in rural Southern Idaho in the 1950’s and 60’s, Cee Dub’s career as a back country game warden, writing/publishing Dutch oven cookbooks together, hosting/producing two television series, and eighteen years teaching Dutch oven cooking together, Penny and Cee Dub conceived, designed, and bring to you, Powerless Cooking(R).

Their online Learning Modules bear and share some resemblance to materiel gathered and disseminated by folks who call themselves ‘preppers’.  That similarity is well-founded, with the difference between them being Penny and Cee Dub emphasize skills, techniques, ideas, attitudes, and education to move folks toward being more self-reliant rather than a focus on “what if scenarios”!

The Free Lesson Mini Series being offered by “PC” may well be the first step to a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle for you and your family.

New modules are being added on a regular basis and we encourage membership feedback. In fact, at least one future “PC” Learning Module is the result  of a member jotting down an idea and emailing Cee Dub.