Powerless Cooking is AWESOME! I love it! ………Scott from Oregon


Cee Dub, we are enjoying the “PC” website. It’s like having you in our pocket. We just bring it up on the iPad and follow the instructions. The topics show how much thought went into this project. ……… Rick from Texas


I watched the sauerkraut making and was really impressed. ………Val from Colorado


Powerless Cooking Learning Modules. I really do like the idea of having them at my finger tips. ………Cody from New Mexico


The recipes and the format are very good, the website is easy to use, and I think you will get an audience of cooks that want to become Dutch oven cooks but know little about it to start with. People like tutorials with visual presentation; an easy way to learn.  How can you go wrong when you can see the equipment, the technique, the ingredients, etc.! ………Sherry from Texas