What started out as one Powerless Cooking(R) learning module titled, “All About Salmon”, quickly turned from one module into two! Whether you’re a fisherman who catches their own salmon or the person who buys their fish at a fish market, the end game is to end up with great tasting nutritious dishes featuring salmon and their first cousin, steelhead trout. So…we started “All About Salmon” Part One with a filleting demonstration simply because we want folks to get and utilize every bit of this valuable fish. After breaking the fish down and filming segments on brining, smoking, and canning we figured out it made more sense to do two modules instead of one.

LM Sal P1 Fillets

Before starting this module I did an informal survey of family and friends and asked them just one question, “What are the first three recipes that come to your mind when I say salmon”? To a person they all answered “grilled salmon steaks” then started scratching their heads trying to think of two more recipes!

So…Part II of All About Salmon is really all about our favorite salmon recipes and providing our members with proven recipes for fresh, smoked, and canned salmon!


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